Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Successful Day of Baby Showering

The baby shower came and went. Lots of women got diabetes while in attendance (it's how I gauge whether a party was successful or not). There were all kinds of goodies to eat, and lots of gals who enjoyed chit-chatting! It was so fun to get together to celebrate a baby on the way!

We showed up early to help Anndalyn get the rest of the decorations and food ready. She has such cute ideas, including her present to T'liese of an apothecary jar full of "eggs" which were the clothes and onesies tied to look like little bundles. They were adorable, Her home is so gorgeous, and the good news is they said I could move in downstairs! I could deal very well with having to use two convection ovens!

We had about eighteen giddy women in house, and we all enjoyed rubbing T'liese's belly and asking about potential names for her little boy. He will be here in February. We can't wait!

Since T'liese's birthday was just the next day, her husband, Joe, devised an ingenious plan to surprise her with a beautiful birthday cake during the shower! I was in on the secret because I brought the cake, and Anndalyn let him into the garage with his truck so T'liese wouldn't be suspicious! It was perfect! All of a sudden, Joe walked in carrying a birthday cake! We caught T'liese off guard, and her reaction was so much fun!

T'liese, Happy Birthday to you. And we can't wait until your little one makes his presence known! I am making an assumption from knowing his parents, but he has no choice but to be wonderful!


  1. What an awesome day! The pictures turned out so great. Thanks for such a great shower...I had a lot of fun. Love you!

  2. Looks like a wonderful shower! Wish I could have been there! It's at times like these that's it's really hard living so far from each other.

  3. The shower was wonderful! But I can't believe you put the boot picture in :)


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