Monday, November 23, 2009

T'liese Celebrates an Undisclosed Age

We had a lovely evening at the Friend's home last night to celebrate T'liese's birthday. She married into such an incredible family, and they wanted to be in on the fun of wishing T'liese a happy new decade. Joe gave a speech about his family meeting her for the first time three years ago, and they said he was crazy if he didn't snatch her up. We had cake and ice cream and visited to catch up. Because three of the five women present were expecting babies in the next few months, lots of war stories from the delivery room were also recounted. Hearing stuff like that just makes me happy I am not in the same boat!

We had a great time, as we always do when we get together. Happy Berfday, T'liese!


  1. Yea, birth stories tend to dwell on the negative. But birth doesn't have to be that way. Birth is not totally controllabe, but some parts you can control for the better. Personally, my birth went really well and was the most amazing experience! (Both because of my choices and being blessed.)

  2. The 3-0 on the cake kinda gives it away. Tell T'liese Happy Birthday for me. My big one is coming up in 4 months. Then, I'll be REALLY old, too. ;)


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