Monday, January 18, 2010


Lives changed this morning when my niece decided to join us. She entered this world at 4:28 AM. Welcome, Mayla Parkinson! Oh, how we have been anxiously awaiting your arrival!

Megan was admitted to the hospital yesterday afternoon around 1:30 PM, though her water broke the day before. It wasn't an obvious break, so she held off as long as she could to make the trek to Scottsdale Healthcare. Her contractions were coming regularly but no dilation was present yet. After an epidural when the pain became too great, Megan was able to sleep for a few hours in preparation for the big finale! She pushed for 43 minutes, and out came Mayla! All went smoothly, and Jeff and Megan have a gorgeous, perfect sweet-smelling baby girl.

She smells so wonderful and clean. What is it about baby smells (the positive ones, anyway)? I couldn't get enough of her.

She snores. And likes to stretch out spread-eagle when laying down. I think modesty talks will come early with this sweetheart. Did I mention that she snores? And it just may be one of the most aodrable things I have ever heard.

We bombarded their hospital room today since we could hardly wait to meet my new niece. She is tall! And big! She weighed in at 8 pounds 10 ounces and is 22 inches! Don't you just love her cheeks and double chin? Mayla is simply perfection in a little bundle from our Heavenly Father. Congratulations, Jeff and Megan!


  1. What a CUTIE!!! So sweet. I just want to kiss those little fat cheeks. CONGRATULATIONS to all!!!!

  2. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH (that was me screaming) She is the cutest thing ever!! Congrats Jeff and Megan!! We love you guys so much and you are going to be great parents! She is Perfect!! Love ya

  3. Love it! Congrats on being an auntie again :)

  4. Mayla is just perfect! She is so cute! Can't wait to see her in person! Love you Jeff and Megan!

  5. Wow, how fun that your new niece is here! Mayla is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! -And what a gorgeous name too! I loved reading your description of her...snoring, sleeping spread eagle and all. How adorable! I'm so happy that everything went so smoothly for the delivery. Congratulations on your new niece!! :o)


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