Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ramblings of a Happy Pilot

It's been so nice this past week to not have the stress of studying and an upcoming check ride hanging out on my shoulder like a little monkey. I feel like I have done a lot and absolutely nothing this past week...and loved every second. I was even able to stay in pajamas for most of the day on Friday. What a treat! The week seemed so busy, but it was all an enjoyable busy. Being the worker bee that I am, I start to organize projects in my head in case I don't get that ever-possible call to go to work.

I am going to work tomorrow. East Coast, here I come! I am excited about it and always love to be in the air. We are flying Big Boss this week, plus five passengers! It will be a full load in the cabin, but that can count as a workout by lifting bags from the hard-to-access baggage compartment on my airplane. I do it all...throw bags, buy jet fuel, schedule hotels, beg for rental cars, and occasionally hail a taxi for these people. And I really do love every minute of it. While at my brother's house this past week (visiting that cute niece...what, you didn't really think I could make an entire post without mentioning her, did you?), Megan brought out a fun book describing the personality attributes of people based on their date of birth. Me, as a Leo born August 9th, was described as a person who thrives on appreciation and attention dished out by others. The consequential self-contemplation was kind of creepy as Jeff continued to read. The passage described me so well! Interaction and emotional attachment is everything to me. I would do anything for anyone I loved, at the expense of losing myself in the process. I am fiercely loyal and devoted, though somewhat idealistic in my views of romance and love. Me, me, also me. Soooo, having a job where I get to serve people, and carry their heavy bags to the ends of the earth, and make sure their favorite coffee creamer is on board before takeoff....I live for that kind of stuff. I guess I have always known it about myself, but it's always nice to hear! I'm a pleaser.

I love my job for so many reasons. I love the aspect of traveling. During Big Boss weeks, we never know where we are headed next or when. It always keeps me on my toes, which in so many ways I struggle with because I am such a planner. On the other hand, it's fun to have hotels and cars arranged in Miami at 10:30 PM at night, and have him change his mind as he walks to the airplane. "No, let's go to Nashville instead." I feel like it's a blessed challenge...and I have to think of the best way to deal with the change in the most seamless manner possible. They have no idea what their two pilots do to make their lives on the road so wonderful! Sometimes, they mention how nice it is and even (gasp!) say thank you. I know they are pleased with what I am doing for them, and I know I do my job well. I would hear about it if I wasn't doing something right! But I always sit in that seat at 37,000 feet and gaze out the window smiling. Can I really be doing this for a living? My dream? I can't believe they call this work!

I love my "job."


  1. What fun! They are luck to have you and I'm sure realize it (at least from time to time, right?).

  2. Wow, I had no idea that you and the other pilot did all that extra "stuff" besides flying and jet fuel and such. They are DEFINITELY blessed to have you...someone who is excellent at taking care of a million details and making things turn out so wonderful...all while you enjoy it and are happy to do it. I bet those last minute changes really DO keep things interesting. I'm sooooo happy that you are living your dream! You're amazing!!!

  3. Glad you like your job and all, but where are the pics from your visit to see Mayla!

  4. Seriously, you really do have a very rad job! Sometimes work as a server for my friends who own a catering company and I really do enjoy passing the food or filling water glasses and making hungry people happy. Olen thinks it's weird that I would like to do that after picking up at home during the day, but there really is something fulfilling about doing a job well. And congratulations on the new niece, such a sweetheart!


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