Monday, February 15, 2010

Cupid Strikes Again

The weekend came and went, and the hubby and I were able to spend lots of time together. I made cookies on Friday to give to some church ladies whom I visited Saturday morning. I love making cookies with M&Ms, but they just seem to taste better when they are pretty Valentine colors! Unfortunately, there were lots of leftover cookies, so I asked John to munch them down so they wouldn't thwart my weight loss goals. He happily obliged.

John walked to work on Friday and fell for the old leave-your-car-key-at-home-for-no-specific-reason trick. I have wanted to get his car cleaned for ages, and he finally agreed! The inside and outside got scrubbed and now look brand-new. It smells so clean and sparkly! Even John was impressed, and I think he realized after he saw the results that his little Corolla was in dire need of some TLC. That was his Valentine's Day present, as romantic as it sounds.

After John arrived home from basketball on Saturday afternoon, with a bouquet of flowers in hand, we got ready for our evening out. My lesson was ready for church on Sunday, which allowed us to simply enjoy our night together. We went to the Superstition Springs Mall and wandered around the Sears Appliance Center and the JCPenny Home Store. It's so fun to see furniture and dishwashers that could someday be in our own home. I can hardly wait! We got so involved looking at furniture sets that we lost track of time. As we walked to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner, we were overwhelmed by a huge line waiting for the delicious food of one of our favorite restaurants. We were so hungry that we decided to pass on the hour-long wait. Chili's still offers its 2-for-$20? Done!

We split some mozzarella sticks while waiting for the main course. I ordered a few mini tacos while John got a huge bacon cheeseburger. His fries were really good, too, but I can tell you that because he ate most of my meal. We then split the Paradise Pie dessert, which certainly lived up to its name. Dinner was yummy and fun, but my body certainly noticed the high amounts of salt and sugar after the meal was finished. Having carefully watched what I have eaten this past month has made me recognize how much healthier it is to eat at home! But it was a splurge evening. Holiday celebration, you know. Hey! Today is President's Day! Another one to celebrate? Not even...on the drive home, I told John it was good but not worth risking for next time. I will get a salad!

Sunday was church day. My lesson went well, and I love my calling. That evening, we attended a fireside where a cute old couple talked about their secrets to a successful marriage. They had been together forty-four years...I can't wait to get there with John.

It was such a fun weekend with my sweetie, and I sure married a good one!


  1. You celebrated Valentine's Day! Those cookies look really good.

  2. Looks really good, sis! And I bet John really appreciated a clean car.


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