Thursday, February 18, 2010

Well Worth the Wait

My sweet little nephew, Evan, arrived yesterday after a long, hard day for mommy, daddy, and baby. At 3:15 PM, Evan finally came out weighing 6 pounds, 5 ounces and measuring 18.5 inches long. He is such a cutie! I know they had a rough time yesterday, so I had to find something to do to keep me busy so I wouldn't go crazy from not seeing him! Therefore, I made cupcakes. What else? Red velvet with cream cheese frosting (T'liese's favorite), and some chocolate Hershey cupcakes topped with chocolate ganache and a dab of cream cheese frosting, just for good measure. Luckily, as soon as the goodies were finished baking this morning, Joe and T'liese were ready for some visitors!

I had him aaaaaaall to myself. I think there was something to my plan to visit in the middle of the afternoon when all other normal people have jobs!

He is so sweet. He is such a good baby. He only cries when he is getting his bum changed (who doesn't cry when that happens?). All other times, he is Mr. Pleasant and Content. Look at all that hair! Long eyelashes. Beautiful little button nose. We think he has T'liese's mouth. He came out as a perfect little being, and we are so happy he is here.

It was hard to leave after my visit, but I came up with an excuse to see him again tomorrow. My new nickname could be "Makes Lasagna After Birthing." But you can just call me Proud Aunt. I wear many hats. Evan is so adorable, and I can't believe he is finally here! Congratulations, Joe and T'liese! You are going to be incredible parents, and Evan couldn't have been sent to more wonderful people.


  1. He is BEAUTIFUL!! So glad you are willing to sacrifice your time and take pictures of new babies for us that live far away! So nice of you and I'm sure it's a tough thing to do. T'liese looks exhausted but happy. Evan is just a cute little thing--what a big yawn!

  2. So what was the weight? Probably more than 6 oz. :)

  3. I am so glad that you FINALLY updated with the baby pictures!! I have been checking your blogs like every 20 minutes! He is SO SWEET!! I am glad everything calmed down, T'liese sure gave us a scare! She is so pretty in the pictures, Proud Mamma!! Love Ya

  4. Sorry for the extra comment, but Brian just got home and we've decided that except for the hair, Evan looks a little like Corban! Funny, huh?

  5. Ha! You're right! And we know how cute Corban turned out, so I think Evan has a fighting chance of being the playground heart-throb. Can't you come down next week with Mama to see him?!

  6. He is so beautiful! Congratulations! Those cupcakes are beautiful too. Wow! How do you make them and not eat them all? I have no willpower.

  7. Wow, Evan is such a beautiful, handsome, adorable baby boy!!! Congratulations on your new nephew, Micah! He is blessed to have such a loving aunt. I'm so glad that you weren't up in the air when Evan came into this you could see him so soon.
    P.S. I miss you! I don't even run into you at church now. I know you're super busy, but I want to catch up with you sometime pretty soon. :o) Maybe within the next month or so, we can get together. Heck, maybe we could finally have you and John over for dinner...and you can see that purple carpet. lol.


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