Monday, February 1, 2010

She's About To Pop!

My sister humors me so...a few months ago, she asked if I would be willing to take pictures of her as a very pregnant woman. What fun! We met this past Saturday at Freestone Park in Gilbert to do just that. She brought along Daddy Joe, who can hardly wait for little Evan to get here. T'liese is due in two weeks but could go at any time! I tried to call her on Saturday to confirm the photo session, but she didn't answer. I got worried that she was in the hospital! It wouldn't have been as glamorous to take her pregnancy pictures during labor! Luckily, they showed up, and the giggles and picture-taking commenced.

Evan is going to be one handsome little guy, as you can see from the pictures of his parents. He will no-doubt be the playground hearth throb from kindergarten on! Joe and T'liese were good sports and told me to boss them around in order to get some decent shots. Thanks to some lighting and some rather attractive subjects, I think we got a few keepers!

I kept having to wait for my point-and-shoot Canon to catch up with me. Joe made the comment, "What you need is one of those SLR cameras, Micah." I couldn't agree more. It's next on my save-for-years-then-buy-it-guilt-free list. Maybe by the time they have their fifth child, I will be able to do her belly some justice.

To prepare for the photo session, I went online to get an idea from other photographers what maternity pictures look like. Fortunately for T'liese, I didn't make her get naked for the whole world to see! Why do people think you can't look pregnant with clothes on? I laughed, then quickly got away from those websites.

T'liese is my best friend, and I love her like crazy. It is so much fun to have her here in the Valley. She was my roommate for a year before she met and married Joe, her wonderful husband. They make such an adorable couple and are thrilled to be having their first baby arrive any moment. Congratulations, you two. Thanks for letting me take these pictures. You are simply gorgeous! Now hurry and get that little guy here!


  1. Micah, these are great pictures! I can't believe we'll have EVAN here in just a few days!! I can hardly wait!

  2. AAAWWWWWW T'liese is finally starting to look pregnant! She is so beautiful! GREAT JOB on the pictures! More pictures of Mayla Please!! LOVE ya


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