Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Egg Oreo Truffles

John works with a bunch of ladies who love sweet things, so we have a lot in common. When Friday rolls around and they still haven't received some sort of goodies from my kitchen, they start to make requests with my husband. Before that could happen this week, I decided to surprise them with some Easter Egg Oreo Truffles.

If you look at them from a distance, they are really cute. Obviously I need to find a better way of decorating next time, since the toothpick and too-large paintbrushes created more of a disaster zone than anything remotely edible-looking. I risked keeping my eyes open during my Official Taste Test, and I have to admit that they were still incredibly yummy despite being rather unattractive and frumpy. They kind of remind me of a bad sweater from 1983! But not in a good way. I have a feeling the ladies at the bank won't even notice the pastel attempts at decoration and will simply dig in. Once inside the mouth, these slightly minty wonders melt and ooze away. Of course, the only way to eat them is when they are almost freezing cold, so the almond bark shell crunches when you sink your teeth into it. I am just guessing on all of this, mind you, since I would never try a few myself to make sure all venues of enjoying an Easter Egg Oreo Truffle are met. Quality Assurance can be a tough job, but luckily there is always someone in my kitchen who is up for the challenge. And she is usually wearing my apron.


  1. I'll be right over to taste them. As soon as I polish off Charloe's cookies.

  2. Yum!
    What wonderful treat are you making for next weekend?
    Just a week! I can hardly wait!

  3. They look very tasty--I like the 80's sweater reference. Will you make more next weekend? Can't wait!

  4. THey certainly look tastey to me.

  5. Once again your blog made me VERY Hungry!! You are so talented!


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