Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Neat and Tidy

I am a fan of neatness, order, and organized bliss. I am NOT a fan of cacti that require weeding. I don't even need to write that one down for future reference because I have permanent scratches on my forearms as a constant reminder. People formerly close to me now raise eyebrows in she using heroine? I wish such an excuse could be used! These scratches are just part of the fun of maintaining a yard that I mostly have no control over.

John took the day off yesterday to get a ton of homework done for school (3.5 weeks and counting). He came out from studying around 4:30 PM, dressed in very tight jeans and an old ratty t-shirt. I got excited because I knew what this meant...yard work! (Explanation: this outfit was previously John's normal day-to-day clothing, but I introduced him to a whole new world of comfort when we bought a waist size bigger than his ones that he was still wearing from high school. His previous jeans wore a little high on the waist, anyway, so it was a pleasure all mine to bring this guy into the 21st century. I may very well be the best thing that ever happened to John).

My husband refuses to show me how to properly operate the lawn mower and weed whacker so that I can help out when he doesn't have the time. For those of you who think I fly airplanes and therefore should be able to handle operating light machinery such as lawn equipment...I agree. And I've tried. Because of previous improper operation of the lawn mower (not by us!), the engine burned up which required the entire machine to be replaced. I don't dare risk using the new one without a formal education from my husband (which he refuses to do, since he feels it is his job as a man). The weed whacker? I have tried on several occasions just to get the stupid thing started, to no avail. After numerous failed attempts, I am just going to have to trust fate on this one. Maybe John is supposed to do that stuff, allowing me to come behind him and weed all the cacti. I feel bad for the guy because he has severe allergies to freshly-cut grass, which usually goes hand-in-hand with a recently-mowed lawn. But he plugs through and always makes it look so nice. I follow with a rake to get all the clippings for a mulch pile of which (I hope) we will not be here long enough to enjoy the results. We spent three hours outside last evening getting everything in tip-top shape. I just had to take some pictures to remind myself that it can look good. I just wish I could play a bigger part in keeping it that way!


  1. Micah, you and John are doing a great job! The yard looks really good. Wonn't it be nice when it is you very OWN yard you are sweating over!

  2. Aunt Ann will be so happy!

  3. Can you move to my house? I'll teach you how to use the mower and other assorted power equipment! Kamden had a cactus incident when we first moved to this house. 4 hours of picking cactus needles out of a 4 year old was enough to make every bit of cactus in the front yard hit the garbage can that very night,even though it was Sunday! My inner control freak LONGS to have some of the time you have to make things neater and tidier around here!

  4. I have to say, now that we're in Vegas, I am having a hard time adjusting to the "desert landscape." I though it would be so easy! It's not. As I type, I am looking out the window at a yard that really needs to be weeded. Not flower beds or a section of the yard that needs to be weeded. The whole yard. *sigh* Seeing how I'm a bit of a perfectionist myself, this irks me to no end. Your yard looks great though!

  5. Man doesn't it feel good to do some good old fashioned yard work...I wish we had a yard. Someday maybe you will get your own yard!


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