Saturday, April 24, 2010

Game Night and Everybody Wins

We live close to lots of John's family, and Amber decided to take advantage of it by suggesting we have a game night. Brilliant! The scheduled fun arrived last night, and the food was the star of the show! We actually didn't even play any of the board games but just enjoyed chatting with each other and catching up on our lives.

Some big changes are about to take place. Tyler and Amber will be done with Law School in about two weeks. He will then work and study for the Bar, which will be taken in July. The downside is that it will be tough to get a real lawyer job until he gets the results back in September. They plan to find an apartment to rent once Bill and Ann return this October.

Andy and Barbara are doing well. He has to re-certify as a Physician's Assistant every six years, and this will be his first this summer. Lots of studying is involved in preparation, and Barbara is in favor of him passing! I am sure he will. Barbara is busy raising four good-looking kids and keeping her house in immaculate condition. It was nice of her to offer their home to host our game night.

The food. Wow! We ended up having slightly too much, but that didn't stop us from enjoying it all! John and I brought Homemade Oreo Cookies, Chicken Quesadilla Rollups, Spinach and Artichoke Puff Pastries, Jalapeno Poppers, and a few bottles of various soda. Tyler and Amber brought some fresh strawberries and Fruit Slammers, some frozen fruit slushies that are delicious (I know from personal experience since she shared some last week after some intense yard work). Andy and Barbara kept bringing food out, and my picture didn't even capture the end product! Red Vines, Trail Mix, Chips and Salsa, Easter Candy, and all sorts of Mexican donuts! We ended up covering the game table, which nobody seemed to mind. Except John and I (snicker snicker), everyone had switched babysitting nights to have this evening free. So the house was nice and quiet with minimal interruptions from little ones. We just sat around, flapping our gums at the food and each other. For a few minutes, we played our quick-paced trivia game, Tip of the Tongue. But it kept interrupting our conversation, so I put it away!

It was a nice evening out with family. Tyler and Amber left around 8:30 to pick up their kids, and we stayed for a while longer to be shown how Netflix now works on the Wii. We will restart our Netflix account after John is done with school (three weeks!), and it's neat to know we can stream it on our Wii instead of watching it online! Technology these days! Barbara had never seen anything Saturday Night Live, so we watched The Best of Adam Sandler to introduce her to the good stuff. Operaman was a hit! It was a nice conclusion to a nice evening full of friends and food.


  1. OK... is it too much to ask for recipes. 'Twould make a drooling pregnant woman very happy over here.

  2. To much fun and food. Can you do this again in a bit so I can enjoy some of this yummy food and fun! Well maybe just the fun. time to start eating good! ha ha See ya soon we come home Tuesday! Can't wait!


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