Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday Babies

When I first began this blog (two years ago next month...wha?), the title was completely justified. I was leaving every Monday morning at 6:00 AM and returning Friday evening after flying over twenty hours over the course of the week to places all over the continent. The past few months have been a little, well, slow. I almost wonder if this blog should temporarily be called "The Adventures of the Camera-Loving Aunt," because I sure do take lots of pictures of babies any time I am around them. While getting ready for church yesterday morning, I picked up my phone to text T'liese to see if they wanted to come over for dinner since I hadn't seen their baby for two weeks and was starting to get a little weird because of it. I started a message, only to receive one from her inviting us over for a visit that evening! And baby Mayla was going to be there, too! It was a win-win situation that we couldn't resist. Because of the temporary name of my blog, I had to live up to such expectations.

So away we went to Phoenix. As we got there, Joe used some chocolate chips that we brought to make some delicious cookies. T'liese fed and changed Evan so he would be more fun for the rest of the evening, but he sure looks cute in stripes! Mayla and her parents soon arrived. She is three months now and locks on faces really well. I love her sweet smile and her "cooing" conversations. She is a sweetheart for sure. Evan is starting to smile more and simply makes my heart melt with his halfway grin. I dare say we have some pretty cute babies in the family.

While they both went down for a nap, the adults had to find something else to do other than kiss on babies. It was difficult at first, but we soon settled into a nice catch-up conversation. Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy having family so close? I really do. I have a great sister, and she married a great guy. I have a fun brother, and he married an incredible lady. Luckily, we all get along. It's a treat to spend time with them. And the cookies only made it sweeter.


  1. They are growing up! The pics of Jeff's baby look like someone shrunk Jeff and dressed him in pink! I hope work picks up for you soon!

  2. Those are 2 of the cutest babies I have ever seen! I can't believe how chunky Evan has gotten in just 2 weeks. And Mayla is beautiful! Miss those babies lots and lots!

  3. Family is the best and getting a little baby fix out of it makes it a great deal. :)

  4. Also from posts below... those puffs look amazing and I've never heard of tounge tied, but I am a trivia nut so maybe this is a game we need to add to our collection.

    Red Robin is a family favorite of ours, too. We love places that don't mind if we leave a little sugar packet and ketchup expolsion on the table after the five of us leave. Strawberry lemonade is also a favorite. We add strawberry syrup and sprite sometimes when we feel like pretending we were at RR's. :)

  5. Isn't it wonderful living so close to each other??? Can't see the pictures... dial-up... but I am sure Mayla and Evan are adorable. I know what their parents look like.
    Thanks Micah for the encouragment you have been giving me. New chapter in my life...
    xoxoxo Aunt Lanny


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