Saturday, May 15, 2010

He Done Did It

My man walked across the stage today and became an official recipient of a Masters Degree of Science in Information Management. For those who need the clarification, it means he is now even more geeky...and I love him for it!

He has worked so hard at this program since June 1st when it began. 10-week mini-mesters with two classes each. He worked full-time and then attended class two nights a week until 10:00 PM. On the nights he was free from lecture, he was busy reading case studies, writing papers, and working on his Applied Project (his year-long group project that equated to a thesis). I don't even think it has sunk in yet that he never has to go to class again!

John didn't want me to get him anything for graduation, but it was impossible for me to comply. Every time we are in a store, he checks to see if they have a black light flashlight. In case you may be unaware, Arizona has somewhat of a scorpion problem, and it's nice to have a black light to find them instantly. We have even come across a few in our house (I can no longer walk barefoot). Amazon delivered a black light for him to enjoy. We even went scorpion hunting last evening with his Dad and Uncle Bill. We caught over ten scorpions (pictures not're welcome) and ended their miserable lives in a humanely way (part of that statement is true). I never thought I would hate anything more than spiders, but that hatred is insignificant compared to my recently-developed-since-moving-to-Arizona hatred towards scorpions. Now my husband can get rid of them, just like he wants! I also got him the original copy of the miniseries, "V," which he watched as a youngster and loved.

Graduation was early...9:00 AM, with graduates required to show up at 8:00. Since I hadn't seen my man all week, I woke up early to go with him to the Wells Fargo Arena. I love having family sister and brother were able to show up with their hubbies and babies, which I consequently kissed on for most of the commencement. My Dad was also in town for his visit to the States and was able to attend graduation with us. John's parents came down from Snowflake to watch, and his brother was able to make it as well. It got ugly saving nine seats by myself, so I was happy when more people showed up to help! Soon the bagpipes started a processional march and the graduation was underway!

The speeches were good but seemed to last a long time. And the walking of the graduates was even longer! Luckily, we won't have to do this again until one of our own kiddies graduates from high school! We ate lunch with his parents at Souper Salad then went home to do laundry (I was gone all week!) and take a nap. For dinner, we met my family at The Cheesecake Factory to celebrate my Dad being in town from Mexico as well as John's graduation. It was such a delicious dinner! Yes, John ate an entire Grande Burrito and still managed to eat most of the Snickers Cheesecake that we split. What a man! He deserves's been a long year, and I am tickled to have him all to myself again.



  1. Congrats, John! What a relief to be DONE! Yesterday was a good day for hubbies everywhere, I guess! (

  2. Hooray for John! Glad he did it and it's done now--he'll never go back to school again!

    Headed over to Val's blog to see what Dave accomplished!

    Love you Micah!

  3. That's so exciting for you and your husband. Congrats. I hope you two are well. We miss you Micah.


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