Thursday, July 15, 2010

Legs of Steel

This blog has had so many pictures of airplanes lately, and certainly not enough of my adorable nephew. I shall remedy that now!

I got to see a cute boy yesterday. Evan was a little tempermental until he got his nap. Afterwards, he was his usual smiles and handsomeness. As we were wandering around looking at things, he began randomly keeping his legs up in the air. It looked rather funny and was an adorable surprise! I love the look on his face, seemingly saying, "Yeah, my legs are up in the air. So what?" He is so matter-of-fact and can be such a serious baby. I also think his chubby fat rolls on the entire surface of his legs are just too cute for words. Why isn't that cute when we grow up?


  1. He is so funny! Yesterday was fun...maybe we stick to malls from now on?

  2. He's a cutie! And... I'll support a "fan of chubby adult rolls" cause any time...

  3. How funny! If only we knew what kids were thinking, huh.

    Way to go! Sometimes it's nice to get more than just a warm fuzzy feeling for being nice.

  4. He is so cute and serious about it all! Can you imagine the strength of his abs to be able to keep his legs up like that? Lay down and try it--I can't do it for sure!


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