Sunday, July 18, 2010

And So It Begins...

I really wish I could say the title of this post referred to our start as new home owners. This past week, however, made all of my wildest jinxes come true. We showed up for our final walk-through on Wednesday evening to find almost none of the promised repairs had been done by the seller. After recovering from my initial shock as to how this huge ball could have been dropped, we informed the sellers of their breach of contract. Apparently, he was just as surprised as us. He had been told for weeks by his handyman that all the work was done and the home was ready for residents. Who doesn't double-check handy man stories?! Needless to say, I've been quite the emotional roller coaster rider these past few days. I had a hard time believing that after we had done absolutely everything possible to get this house on time, we were completely caught off guard and didn't close when we wanted because of something completely out of our control. My Mom explained it best yesterday, as moms usually do, when she reminded me that I am the only one with emotions vested in this situation! No one else cares. I thought getting a pretty chunk of change would be a great motivator for the sellers, but I was wrong. Unfortunately, it meant we didn't get a house on Thursday. The good news is that the seller feels like a complete idiot and has since been going above and beyond in repairs for the house. He had a whole team there on Thursday to check off the thirty or so items on our list. Nobody forced them fix anything when we asked almost two months ago, but as soon as they agreed, they were under contract to get it done three days prior to closing. Since that didn't happen, the seller has tried to make amends by fixing extra projects for us, paying for the utilities (now under my name) until we close, and even promising to cut a check for the work not completed if they aren't able to finish on time because of parts still not in town. I don't know what "on time" refers to, since I haven't been told of a new expected closing date. After they finish the work this weekend, we get to walk-through again and verify the projects completed are up to our standards. Luckily, the seller has also hired licensed plumbers and electricians to sign off the work that would have left me wondering if all was done properly. I'm glad to now have a circuit breaker for the in-pool light and wasn't wanting to find out this has been completed without having to jump into the pool and flipping the switch. I doubt our pool parties would be very successful if people started dying on us.

To sum it up, my emotional roller coaster should be over in the next few days. I think we are hoping to close on Tuesday but haven't heard official word yet. I hope it's soon...I have cabinets to stain, people!

What the title of this post is referencing is my dreams of Home Depot. They have certainly begun in full force as of last night. In fact, since I can't sleep right now, I thought I'd get up and share what I just woke up from dreaming. I was wandering the various aisles of Home Depot, wondering where on earth my desired objects were but trying to look knowledgeable so no one would ask if I needed help. There is a certain code to follow in Home Depot, after all, and I was doing my best to follow. Before I knew it, I had caved in to some help when a lady in an orange apron asked where I was headed. And then she asked what flavor of cake I preferred! Now you know it was really a dream created by my brain, since two of my favorite things are now involved (home improvement stores and sugar). Once I told her chocolate (of course), she led me to the not-well-known aisle of cake pans and frosting where she proceeded to make for me the most beautiful three-layer chocolate cake I had ever seen. Then, unfortunately, the cake left the picture for a few hours. I was then being helped by everyone in the store, feeling like I was the only patron and had everyone's attention. Again, one of my favorite things! The cake made an appearance again, just as I was waking up. Though this time in the form of a giant cake that filled half the store, being carried around and paraded as a Chinese dragon during a cultural celebration. It was all very bizarre, and I was pretty sure I hadn't ordered rainbow sprinkles. Because there was so much cake dancing around, I offered it to all of my homies at Home Depot. Everyone cheered, and we all enjoyed some cake while my projects happily carried on in the background.

A few things about this dream tickled my fancy. For one, I don't feel like I have been sleeping enough lately to warrant reaching REM sleep and getting cool dreams. Dreams only happen as your brain is trying to keep you busy and placid while the it downloads all of the day's important events. This necessary downloading, however, only takes place after three or four hours of uninterrupted sleep (wow, you didn't know you were going to get a science lesson on this, huh? Where's that cake?). I have been sleeping so restlessly thanks to constantly thinking of all that needs to be done when we move, and it has certainly taken its toll on my nocturnal patterns. For example, just two nights ago I was awakened at 2:00 AM from severe thirst. This was only after finally looking at the clock for the last time at 1:28 AM. So I hopped out of bed to get a nice glass of cold water, only to lament for the next four hours at how cold water has a powerful and magical ability to bring the brain back to life. REM sleep and, consequently, dreams have been wishful thinking lately. So having a fun dream about getting everything done on the house AND eating my cake, too? Well, let's just say it was a dream come true.


  1. that stinks you didn't get to close. I hope it is Tuesday and that it doesn't stop you guys from being able to come up to snowflake. Maybe we'll get to get a walk through Monday before we fly out. I'd really like that if you guys are around! I can only imagine how excited you are. I wonder now if John is as excited or more nervous! anyway you'll get it! see ya this weekend!

    oh and love the dream! I had a dream about my house growing up during my nap today. I guess dreams can come in after just an hour of sleep too!

  2. It will all happen--I know it's frustrating to wait for people to do their jobs, but soon you will be in your new house and making it yours. Sorry about the delay and thanks a lot for making me want cake--


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