Friday, August 13, 2010

Ceiling Fan Fires Are Fun

Unfortunately, we are getting rather adept at fixing things at home in need of repair from problems long ago set in motion by other owners. Such was the case earlier this week when I was sitting at my desk in the office, probably looking for future furniture purchases for our home. All of a sudden, the ceiling fan behind me made a loud popping sound and turned off. A few seconds later, I caught a small scent of smoke. I thought I'd been shot but was mistaken.

This ceiling fan has acted up before and even caused some confusion during the home inspection. Once the circuit breaker is reset, the thing works like a charm until the sparks start flying again. It was an intermittent problem that "could not be duplicated," as they like to say in the aviation world. We've been so busy that we just left it alone for a few days while we worked on other projects. I'm having the time of my life getting this place put together. When everything else was done to perfection, John flipped the circuit breaker off and began his investigative surgery on the office ceiling fan. He had printed some instructions at work but didn't even need them. What genes in their bodies prevent men from needing instructions?

Buried deep in the ceiling fan, John discovered a post-market addition to the guts of the machine. The previous owners had added a remote control for the fan and light, obviously because it is so hard and so far to just flip a switch! It had been wired improperly and even had a few exposed wires dangling out for all to see! John removed the potential fire hazard and cleaned up all the other wires with some electrical tape. He's so handy! Before long, we were once again enjoying the motion of a fan in the office. He was quite proud of himself, and I was quite proud of him! I hope it's a while yet before we discover a previous mistake that has to be fixed. Luckily, I know just the guy to run to for help!


  1. I never knew John was so handy! Go John!

  2. Silly me... I just had a visual of you shouting out that you'd been shot, all the while holding your hand over an imaginary wounds and John running in to rescue you, only to have to break the news to you that it was only an issue with the ceiling fan! Giggling. Our fan and light randomly turned themselves off and on (in the middle of the day OR NIGHT) until Dave addressed the issue the other day. Sure was weird (i before e except after c AND on WEIRD occasions) to wake up in the middle of the night and have the light on! Glad you weren't really shot and thatJohn fixed it up for you! ☺!


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