Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Valuable Tidbits of Acquired Information

Tidbit #1: Assembling a pillow-top queen-size mattress all alone is hard work. I had no idea how heavy those things can be! Especially when placed upon risers, only to be reminded how tall the bed was to begin and remember that risers were not needed. And then promptly having to remove previously-mentioned risers, one at a time, from underneath the newly-purchased and exceedingly heavy bed leg rollers. I kept smiling and giggling to myself to prevent an onslaught of frustration or broken arms. It was hard, manual labor. No thanks to my husband, who has a real job and actually works every day, I struggled under the bed for countless seconds to get the risers from under the legs. When I complained to John that evening about my strenuous time during assembly, he just smiled. You see, he moved everything I own about two years ago, all by his lonesome. I think he knows how heavy it is. Contrary to me, however, he has muscles... Do you like my make-shift cardboard covers to prevent my wall from getting scratched? Don't mind the painters tape...duct tape still hadn't been moved over.

Tidbit #2: Having house guests three days after moving into a new home can be hectic indeed. I kept apologizing for the mess and the intense lack of food in the fridge (or anywhere in the house, for that matter. And I wasn't about to show them my non-existent-as-of-yet candy stash). And then it donned on me that I didn't have to keep apologizing for a messy house and no food. I had just moved in! So I quit feeling bad about the woes of my guests and just enjoyed the continuing process of fixing up my new home. Have I mentioned how much I love this place?

Tidbit #3: When purchasing laundry appliances, consider selecting ones that play a song when the load is finished. I can hear it anywhere in the house, and the happy electronic tune always makes me smile. If, by chance, I wander into the laundry room during the song's enticing chant, I start to laugh and dance along. And then I promptly grab my keys and head out the door, because I've apparently spent way too much time alone in the house if I am singing and dancing with my washer and dryer. I'm just saying that singing appliances come highly-recommended by me. I've never enjoyed doing laundry so much. Is it wrong to get something dirty, just so I have an excuse to do laundry? And the nightmares of people knocking on my door to ask if they can borrow my laundry facilities are finally starting to diminish. I will never have to share a washer and dryer again. Excuse me while I wipe away a tear of joy!

Tidbit #4: Replacing old, nasty, paint-smeared brass hardware on doors can make a huge difference. My heart soars when I reach for these brand-new satin-nickel locks from Home Depot. We replaced all of the outside door knobs and some of the deadbolts prior to having our home re-keyed this past week. I rest easy at home now, knowing only John and I have keys to enter and not half the Valley's real estate agents. And with the security system installed yesterday afternoon, I can work away all day to my heart's content and not worry about anything. I am still paranoid from living in the ghetto, but no doubt this will soon wear off. We live in a much nicer area now, where we aren't constantly worried about what isn't chained down out front or how much paint will be necessary to cover some recent graffiti. I could get accustomed to this ease of mind.

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  1. Is that your guest bed? It's beautiful! I especially love the side tables--where did you get them?


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