Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Family Who Hikes Together...

When constantly eating and remaining sedentary for five days, one can have an insatiable desire to get out and get moving. Though I've never experienced this personally, it has been known to happen to those whom I know. Such an occasion happened in Sedona not too long ago, in fact, to several people staying with me in a cabin in the woods. We decided to act on these promptings by putting on our hiking shoes and heading across Oak Creek for a hike up the canyon.

The further we progressed along the trail, the quieter our surroundings became. It was so beautiful to be engulfed by the gorgeous red rocks and towering pine trees. This type of scenery wasn't new for me, since I spent many a summer with my grandparents in southern Utah in such surroundings. But it was nice to steal a piece of familiar nature and share it with my family. The hike was level and not strenuous, which provided the opportunity to chat and laugh along the way. We even stumbled upon a family of baby squirrels playing tag along a tall tree. We shared the trail with many traveling families and smiled at each one as we passed by. I think we all felt blessed to experience such a beautiful piece of heaven on earth.


  1. I remember that day...I was THERE!! Really good pictures, sis!

  2. I think that was one of my favorite parts of Sedona this time. We should have gotten out earlier so we could have hiked longer. Next time!


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