Monday, October 4, 2010

From East To West

The week continued from Philadelphia to Teterboro. Honestly, I just love this trip. I usually have time to spend a day in New York City for the price of an all-day subway pass. That didn't happen this week, thanks to arriving late in New Jersey. Teterboro is a reliever airport for the big three airports of the New York area - JFK, Newark, and La Guardia. It's really tough to fly corporate airplanes into those three busy airports, so just across the Hudson River was developed into an airport to accommodate all the needs of the business men and VIPs using private jets. Teterboro Airport is one busy place and always packed with beautiful airplanes! The only downside comes when they slow traffic at KTEB first if the weather gets bad to give priority to the three big airports. As long as thunderstorms don't move in within three hours of departure, it's a joy to fly here. I love Teterboro.

I tried a different hotel for my one night. They are all expensive, so I went a little further from the runway into Sacaucus, New Jersey. My Hampton Inn was next to about six restaurants and had some stores to wander just a half mile away. It was a fun evening, but I was zonked and went to bed early!

The next day, Boss #2 kept moving up our departure time. We ended up leaving KTEB at noon to fly west. After a pit stop in Salina, Kansas for more fuel, we continued on for the last stop of the week at Jeffco Metro Airport in Denver. Boss only needed to be here for about half an hour, which gave me time to get more fuel and admire an old Stinson bi-plane on the ramp. We were then off to Phoenix, landing at Gateway-Mesa Airport a little before five. Not too shabby for another week on the road.

Mesa, Arizona - Addison, Texas - Owensboro, Kentucky - Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Teterboro, New Jersey - Salina, Kansas - Denver, Colorado - Mesa, Arizona

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