Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sweet Little Man

After dropping Terry off at his house last Saturday upon arrival back in The Valley, I was only a few miles away from my sister's house. Since I knew it would be another few weeks before I had a chance to see Evan, I decided to crash their garden box-building to say hi to my favorite local nephew. He is always so cute and loveable, and I knew he would make me smile!

My phone had died throughout the day, so I couldn't call to warn them of my approach. After nobody answered the door, I walked to the side of the house and showed myself through the open gate to the yard. Nobody gets rid of me that easily! I found T'liese and Joe building their first garden box in their new HUGE back yard. It looks amazing and will bring lots of grown goodies in no time! Though it was nice to see the future garden location, my main objective for popping in for a visit was to see Evan. He warms my heart.

I only stayed for a few minutes...long enough to kiss on him and chit-chat with my sister. Evan cut his first tooth this past week, and I got to see it after tickling Evan and making him laugh. I sure love the sound of his laugh. When I brought my camera out for some pictures, he really thought it should be in his hands instead. Look how determined his face is! Future tech geek like his Daddy?

Thanks for letting me surprise visit, Sis. Evan is just the sweetest kid! I sure do love him.


  1. He is sweet! And you can just tell he is so determined to get your camera! What a kid!

  2. So cute Micah. Glad you like the little one so much.


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