Saturday, December 18, 2010

Making Office Walls Pretty

I've taken my own sweet time deciding where pictures and art should be hung in the house. I've decided it's better to be patient and wait to see where everything belongs than to punch a bunch of holes in the walls throughout the house. My brain has been formulating a plan for my office wall ever since I saw an article in my favorite magazine, Real Simple, about random placing of photos to create a border look. I knew I could do that! And without John's "supervision," thank you very much (meaning he has to hang everything for me when I need it to be straight. And it has nothing to do with my inability to properly do math from a tape measure). Since these pictures only had to line up against each other, and since John now owns four-hundred levels, I knew this was a task I could master on my own.

The entire project resulted in a lot of fun and wasn't nearly as time-consuming as was expected. In Typical Micah Fashion, I have been thinking about this for months. It will just sometimes randomly pop into my head. It's a wonderful feeling to have it come to fruition, be done, and work as well in reality as it did in my brain. Sometimes my brain can come up with some pretty interesting (and impossible) tasks. It's always fun to see who or my brain. This border of photos, however, is awesome. I think we both won. I love how it looks random yet planned all at once. The sizing of the pictures worked out pretty well, leaving only a quarter-inch gap on one end and a half-inch gap on the other. I wish I could take more credit for that, but it was pure luck. But why does each picture have a special place on my wall, and therefore in my heart?

1) I found a beautiful painting in one of my favorite stores, World Market, and took a picture of it to remember. A few months later, I was going through photos that I wanted to print at Costco and stumbled upon this one. I decided to print it to see how the colors worked, and everything turned out pretty well! I love how bright, vibrant, and happy it is. For me, it is an energizing image and certainly belongs in an office!

2) This picture is of me and my best friend, my sister. Though this photo is almost four years old, I needed something on here that proves I can get tan! I think she is so pretty, and she is certainly a wonderful friend. We were discussing the other day how nice it is to have sisters and mamas for can be casual with no obligation to spend time together if unwanted! It's really the perfect relationship. And I am so appreciative of T'liese being in my life! She deserves a place on my wall.

3) Ahhhhh, the Caproni. I saw the original airplane in the Boeing Museum of Flight last month in Seattle. It just touched me to see something so old and representative of what we currently fly! This was the first airplane with movable control surfaces. The Wright Brothers simply used their bodies to move their airplanes...this was the first to utilize ailerons and a rudder instead. It's amazing to think how little things have changed in the hundred years since. When I saw the poster in the gift shop, I knew it had to be mine.

4) Another picture with my sister, and this one added a dear friend, Cassie. We went to Cancun three years ago and had a blast. Really, it was one of the best trips I've ever experienced! Girl chat, a beautiful hotel, ocean access, and tons of laughs. What more is necessary to enjoy Mexico? I have nothing but great memories of that trip and wanted to be reminded of it every time I look up from my desk.

5) I'm rather partial to this building, as it was where I married my hubby over two years ago. This picture of the Mesa Arizona LDS Temple was given to me by temple staff on my wedding day. It's simply one of my favorite places in the world, and nothing but pure happiness and peace comes from attending. It's a blessing to live so close to allow visits any time we want.

6) A cork board. You know will be impeccably neat and orderly when I finally hang things on here. But a few items exist that are best kept in plain my visiting teaching list as a constant reminder. Once I find some cute tacks, I think this will hold some pretty fun, and organized, information.

7) This picture of me and John is one of my favorites. I love the representation of Arizona through the many cacti in the shot. It was taken by our wedding photographer during our shoot just a few days before we got hitched. The Mesa Temple is in the background. Thanks to my sister, Charloe, I only paid for cleaning costs of my wedding dress and returned it to her after I was officially married. John in a tux makes me melt.

8) My first trip to Oshkosh as a non-working employee was a treat. Well, I suppose it could be considered work that trip, too, since I flew a Beechjet full of people to the airshow held every year in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. But once I was there, I had four full days to wander at will and enjoy the show. My previous trips involved working booths and talking to tons of people. This picture of an F-86 Sabre exemplifies the freedom to love airplanes and fine airshows!

9) I'm a fan of history and am particularly fond of the Revolutionary War time period involving stories of our founding fathers. My visit to Washington DC a few months ago provided my first opportunity to see the real Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. Though I couldn't take pictures, due to some crazy talk about "protecting the original documents," I was able to buy postcards. I also found a postcard for the Wright Brothers applying for the patent of their airplane design...and I knew that would go along nicely with reminding me of remarkable events in our nation's history.

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