Thursday, December 16, 2010

Future Heart Throb

Since my husband was working from home today, I tried to stay out of his hair. What better thing to do than crash my sister's house for the morning? It's her own stinkin' fault for moving just seven miles away from me. Do you have any idea how quickly an old Ford Taurus can do seven miles?

We may or may not have made cookies. Christmas cookies. I don't believe it's necessary to comment on the cookie-making status as it has nothing to do with the true focus of this post.

And here he is. The true reason himself. Mr. Evan, my sweet nephew. Isn't he adorable? Just when I think he can't possibly get any cuter...he does. And my heart swells like the Grinch after an attempt to steal Christmas is made. I love this little man. He was lots of fun today since everything I did made him laugh. I watched him while his mama went Visiting Teaching (to deliver some cookies that may or may not have been made by us earlier that morning). Since he was happy and I had him to myself, I decided to take lots of pictures. And certainly...the renderings don't do justice to this sweet little man. Girls in Nursery will swoon. His third-grade crush will ask for his hand in marriage...twice. And HE will get invited to Senior Prom by about six women. SIX! I'm just fortune-telling here, folks. You just wait until I'm right. He really is all that, and I'm not afraid to say it. There's nothing better than getting him to laugh and squeezing him tight shortly after.

I like him. Cookies or not.


  1. He really is such a cute boy! His eyes are just to die for! Can you believe he's almost 1? Unbelievable!

  2. Is it a bad thing when his aunt has more pictures of him on her blog than his parents do on their blog?


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