Thursday, December 2, 2010

Temple Lights of Mesa

As a child, I remember making family trips to Salt Lake City to visit the Christmas lights of Temple Square. It was always incredible, with every square inch of trees being covered in bright, cheerful lights. However, it was almost impossible to withstand the negative temperatures while still enjoying the festive surroundings. Even hot chocolate didn't do much to warm us up at we wandered the grounds in downtown Salt Lake!

The Mesa Temple also has a Christmas Lights display each December, but it is much more pleasant to be outside.

Reasons Mesa Temple Lights Are Better
1) I was wearing a light jacket and not shivering.
2) There isn't a single patch of snow to be seen within one-hundred miles.
3) Everything gets translated into Spanish after being spoken in English.
4) We could visit the same spots of wedding pictures taken two years ago.
5) I still had hot chocolate, but it wasn't necessary to sustain life.
6) Not once did I have to avoid a pile of manure from horse-drawn carriages.
7) We drove eight minutes to reach the temple grounds, as opposed to almost two hours.
8) Two words: Palm trees.


  1. I remember seeing the Mesa lights when we visited Dad one Thanksgiving. They are really beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  2. I know what you mean now about the cold getting in the way of enjoying the lights. I've been down to the DC temple lights twice and for singing in the choir but there was no way I was staying to walk around outside to look at them. I think that is probably one of the reasons the DC Temple gets only 1/4 million and the Mesa Temple gets 1 million. The weather is way more inviting!


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