Friday, December 31, 2010

A Visit From My Boy

Any chance to spend time with my nephew, Evan, is time well spent. I love being around him. He is such a sweet little man, and he got to come to my house the other day while his parents went to the temple. I still had house guests who were packing to leave when Evan first arrived. He wasn't used to being around kids, and he kept lunging for me when others got too close. It makes me heart melt that he "knows" me. After they left, it was just the two of us. My house seemed oddly quiet after being full of people for three days, so we just wandered the house and explored each room before I read him a book and put him down for his nap.

Evan is so inquisitive and thoughtful. He loves finding new things, and a small table-top fan entertained him for a solid ten minutes. It was fascinating to watch his unchanging expression, as I would turn on the fan, change the speed, and then turn it off. He kept looking from me to the fan and back to me, wondering what this shiny new thing was that blew air and made funny sounds. The "model look" of wind-blown hair fits very well with Evan. He is such a handsome baby! There wasn't much question on that, since his parents are both beautiful people.

And since he was at my house for a few hours...of course I did a mini photo shoot with him. We stood next to a window so the outside lighting could capture his eyes. Evan is a natural and is so photogenic! I love taking pictures of him and capturing the difference facets of his personality.

After T'liese and Joe returned to my house, we all went to Rosa's Mexican Restaurant for lunch. It was yummy, and the company was fun. Evan wasn't in a solid-foods kind of mood, so they kept sneaking in beans on the spoon he liked sucking. When he would get some beans in his mouth, the cutest expressions would come on his face..."You tricked me?! What was that?!" I could watch him for hours and never get bored with the fun faces he pulls. I think it's a sign of intelligence.


  1. He is so cute! And his little expressions are so wonderful too! And to think--I get to spend 5 whole days with him in Mexico in just a few weeks. Hooray!

  2. Evan is a lucky boy to have such a great Aunt as you. Glad you had a good time with him. I wish we all lived next door to each other!!


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