Sunday, January 2, 2011

Great Balls of Cheese

I love Costco for many reasons. Getting a shopping cart is a rare occurrence for me, simply because I can go hog-wild in a place like this. I am kept in check because I have to use my debit card and therefore don't get any credit card points. Is that the wrong reason to use self-control? Because I won't get any cash-back? On Friday night, John and I decided to pop into Costco for a few items. Little did I know, the cheese ball jackpot would be hit instead.

We got the jalapeno poppers John had been craving and found some mozzarella sticks that I would enjoy. As we were walking towards the check-out, we accidentally passed the salty snacks. I almost heard a choir of angels as I slowly crept up towards the largest container of cheese balls I've ever seen. It was a little shocking to me that I was having such an out-of-body experience with something other than chocolate or red velvet cake. And when I saw the price tag of less than $6? Done deal. In the cart. John just smiled. He likes salty things, so this was a win-win. Although for some reason, he vetoed the forty-pound bag of M&Ms. At least one of us exhibits some sanity when in such a fun place as Costco.

This weekend has been spent in a LOST marathon. I have been avoiding it like the plague, knowing I would love it and wouldn't be able to stop. We started it Friday evening and have been going almost non-stop! It think we watched six episodes yesterday alone. And the endless container of cheese balls has only made the entire experience that much more enjoyable.


  1. LOST is a winner! I could easily spend a weekend or more enjoying a marathon! Especially if there were good snacks! xoxo

  2. Mmmm....cheese balls.


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