Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Newest Member of Our Living Room

I use my credit card to buy just about everything. The result? About $300 every year that I can spend on anything I want. Last January, my cash-back purchased an iPod Touch. It's been an enjoyable year using a toy that was free to me! And this year? I found a beautiful rug at TJ Maxx that earned the ability to be my cash-back prize for the year.

Reasons I Love This Rug

1) Though something dirt-colored usually comes with a bad reputation, this rug will forever hide stains, dirt, and accidents for many years to come. Remember, some children eat dirt because they like it so much.

2) I love the subtle's a shade lighter than the rest of the rug and therefore noticeable, but it still blends well and doesn't make too much of a statement. The floral pattern is big but not too feminine. A man lives here too, after all.

3) We now have a soft place for babies to play in plain sight of the rest of the party. No more bruised tiny knees! They can play on something cushioned while the adults can supervise and not miss out on anything.

4) It's really thick. I've been searching for quite some time for a thick and comfy rug that stayed within our price range. I just couldn't justify spending $700 on a rug this size, though that's what they usually cost. This puppy is 8x11 feet and fits perfectly in the living room! TJ Maxx came to the rescue once again!

5) The color may be boring, but I am doing all the big stuff in neutral colors so I can accessorize and pop with lots of color. It's easy to change out some pictures in a frame or some vases, but something this big and expensive had to be something that we could use for years. This one fit the bill perfectly.

In addition to grounding our living room with a new rug, we also found some end tables that I really love. They look lonely and out of place for now, but when we get new couches and finish furnishing the rest of the room, they will fit in perfectly. I'm thinking ahead here, people. I love the modern yet simple curves. I love the bright white color. Again, something neutral that will be a great starting point for tons of color on top! My next mission is to find the perfect table lamps to fit nicely on these tables.

As much as I hate Christmas being over, it's always nice to get the house back to normal. However, after being so decorated with stockings, wreaths, and twinkle lights, my Great Room was looking desperately boring and empty this past week. Costco came to the rescue by printing some photos I've taken, and then I put them in frames already owned. We also moved the big painting to over the game cabinet next to the fireplace, and I love how it bursts with color when you come around the corner. It's a better location since it no longer competes with the table setting. I am thinking about doing some more black and white photos on the wall in between the window and the door but will need to think on that some more. I am so in love with the sideboard that John made me. We use it so much, and it is so gorgeous in that room!

Piece by piece, this house is coming together! I sure love being home to get it all done!


  1. Gorgeous! I love it! Micah, your house is coming together so nicely. I can hardly wait to see it in person! Meanwhile, keep the photos coming! xoxo

  2. Micah, you're the best! Thank you for your comment on my blog and not giving up on me. :) The holidays nearly sucked all life out of me, but I am slowly regaining color and strength. Your positive and up-beat blog entries are always such a joy to read. I am so glad to know you and keep up with you via cyberland. Happy New Year!


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