Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sitting Pretty

Great news was received from the gal who is ordering our furniture...she will be able to beat prices from almost anyone! In order to get this great deal, I needed to do some homework to provide her with the exact sofa model and fabric model numbers so she could call Flexsteel to check prices on Monday. I found a local store that carries all of the Flexsteel fabrics, and I was in hog-heaven yesterday trying to pick from over 1,000 swatches! Luckily, I knew what I wanted and easily found some fabrics that fit my bill.

Four beautiful colors were selected, and I was allowed to bring them home so I could check them against the wall color and rug. I immediately eliminated one fabric because it felt like burlap...I didn't think it would be very comfortable for any extended period of time! My goals in picking a fabric were 1) a neutral, dark-tan color that warmed up the room, b) with a nice contrast between the walls and rug, c) and soft yet extremely durable fabric that would hold up well for years to come. The selection of "Harvest" provided all of these and more!

The information was emailed to her this morning in hopes that she will be able to price it some time today. Not that I'll a little impatient or anything. I am just so thrilled that it's finally feels amazing to save hard for something and then get to enjoy it forever! Soon we will have a place to park people for as long as we want.

With any luck, we will have two beautiful sofas in our living room within the next five weeks!

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  1. I'm so excited for you! How fun to get new stuff to decorate your new house!


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