Monday, January 31, 2011

Downtown Date Night

Although we usually have our Date Night on Friday, I made dinner at home this past weekend. When Saturday night arrived, we decided to head out for an official date. We even decided to risk trying a new restaurant. There is absolutely nothing good to eat near our house. We usually have to travel five to six miles before something sounds edible. Saturday evening led us to trying a mom-and-pop restaurant in downtown Mesa.

John ordered a hamburger, of course, and also got some homemade sweet potato fries to go with. My French dip sandwich with fries was good, but the bread was so soggy before I dipped that I had a hard time finishing. Texture of food is almost as important as taste for me! As we were waiting for our food, she brought us a basket of complimentary homemade potato chips, which were delicious and tided us over until dinner arrived. We were the only ones in the place until four other groups eventually showed up.

It was fun to try something new, but I doubt we will return. Whether the food was great or not, it doesn't get much better than spending an evening with my sweetie pie.


  1. It's fun to try the little local places. Too bad it wasn't excellent!

  2. Were you the only ones there???? Fun to get out!

  3. I just love the shops on Main, good and bad. Have you ever come on the 2nd Fridays or 4th Saturdays? That's when there will be vendors set up outside and classic cars show up to "cruise Main" like the old days. Feb. 11th is the next one and I'm hoping to be there with a date of my own!

    I knew it! A girl after my own heart...a pantry organizer! My house could be falling apart, but if the pantry looks good I just don't care. :)


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