Monday, February 21, 2011

Company Breakfast

I've had a lot of people at my house this past week. Fun people. Nice people, even. After several days of making food for them all, I was running out of ideas of what to feed them! When Sunday morning came around, I decided to make Coffee Cake Streusel Muffins from scratch.

For homemade, this was pretty dern good. I love freshly-baked goodies from the oven. It made my entire house smell delicious. The muffins steamed when I broke them open to put some butter on to melt. Butter really does have a positive impact on everything it touches.

These were a hit with the crowd, but I think I need it a little sweeter next time. No surprise there, huh? I have yet to find a better coffee cake than the Krusteaz version found in a baking mix at stores everywhere. Give it a try to see what I mean!

1 comment:

  1. When are you coming to my house to do some of that delicious baking???
    So yummy!!! xoxoxo


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