Sunday, February 20, 2011

Look At 'Em Go, Pa!

Doing nothing but watering has already brought great results! About three days ago, little seedlings of Better Boy Hybrid Tomatoes started peeking through the dirt. Aren't they lovely? I don't want to eat them yet, but I'm getting closer to that desire...

I've been watering them every day to ensure the soil is moist and prime for letting little seeds flourish. John also cut down some of the bushes (that I want to totally remove) out front, which has provided an unblocked view of the sun for these little guys. Apparently, it's what they really wanted. They are growing like crazy now!

The jalapeno peppers and sweet bell peppers have another few days before they start making their appearances above ground. It has been so fun to talk to them, pet them, and call them George.

The clock is ticking. We now have about four weeks before needing to transplant them into new homes outside. Yesterday, we may have had a breakthrough in discovering a material to make our waist-high garden boxes. We'll see if we can make it work for function and appearance without breaking the bank! Once again, I'm demanding so much!

But I could get used to this farming thing.

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  1. Hi exciting! Our bell peppers took quite a while to get started, then went through a really pathetic stage. They were the best late Summer/early Fall. I'm curious to see what you have in mind for the garden boxes.


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