Friday, March 4, 2011

Bringing Down the House (Um...Shed, Really)

Six hours. Fifteen millions screws and nails. Forty species of spiders. These were just some of the components that made our task for the week so much dern fun. The goal: to take down the monstrous old shed in the backyard.

When we moved in last summer, I envisioned this beast coming down and a smaller version built elsewhere out of sight. It was a mystery to everyone why I didn't want to keep such a huge storage shed in my yard. It really comes down to how much I already love my future children. I want them to have a place to play when they go outside! And, unlike the former owners of this home, we don't have a landscaping business and therefore don't need a huge shed to store all of our equipment.

John humored me yet again. When I got home from errands the other afternoon, he was busy out back with a hammer and screw driver while humming his favorite songs. Evening came on a little too quickly, and he had to finish tearing out the floor the next day. He plans to use the good wood to rebuild a smaller shed down the side of the house. It will be large enough to store all of our yard tools, as well as the lawn mower and wheel barrow. Newbie will have tons of storage space while not robbing us of precious landscaping potential for previously-mentioned future children.

No, I am not pregnant. But anyone who knows me knows I'm a planner. I'm just looking out for the well-being of my future kids' imaginations here, folks. No announcements being made.

I am so tickled with the results of the shed being gone. I hate having the yard a mess with all of the remnants, but it's nice to know it is only temporary. John has been designing the new shed for weeks and is finally happy with the blueprints. Tomorrow, while I'm hosting a Waffle Party with some gals from Church, he will be outside starting to lay the foundation for Newbie. It will be a wonderful day! I love how the yard is coming together. I thought it would take years, but speed is always a good thing for me!

Have I mentioned how much patience I'm learning as a homeowner?

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  1. John is so handy! I can't wait to see what he builds.


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