Thursday, March 3, 2011

Let There Be Light

I have been patiently searching for months, MONTHS, I say, for the perfect lamps to shed some light on our living room. After getting our beautiful couches on Saturday, the room was begging for some color. We had tan sofas on a brown rug near taupe walls. The side tables were stark white. We needed some pop!

The perfect lamp appeared at Homegoods about a month ago. It was green with a crisp, white shade. I loved the shape and the color. It was slightly retro yet had that updated look that made my heart skip a beat. Yes, I get that excited about lamps. What of it?

However, there was only one little lonely lamp on the shelf. I needed two and didn't dare buy one and hope for another to magically appear. That's the beauty, and challenge, of that get what they have and nothing else! So I decided to wait for its match to arrive. I checked every few days, just in case. In true teasing fashion, my lamp never disappeared but happily greeted me each time I popped into my favorite store. I'm sure many people were in the same predicament as me...two lamps were better than one!

Eventually, about two weeks ago, someone decided to give it a better home. My lamp was gone when I arrived at the lighting section. I was bummed but also knew waiting would be worth it. Yesterday, after spending the afternoon with my sister helping her hang tons of curtains in her large family room, I decided to check the store on my way home. And lo and behold...two lamps were there yet again!

Of course I grabbed them. I've learned too many times at that store that you don't wait on perfection. I rushed home to plug them in and knew the decision had been right. They are exactly what I wanted for this room. I am so tickled with them! After adding a few more accents to this room, and a few more pieces of colorful furniture (two blue arm chairs, baby!), this room will not be tan on tan on tan. It will be a bright, welcoming space that I have so been desiring! I like how the lamp almost looks like a green extension of the table on which it sits. Pretty nifty!

Next mission of searching: curtains. Hopefully it won't take months to find the perfect window treatments for the gigantic wall of light!


  1. LOVE THEM! You have excellent taste my dear Captain :).


  2. Ooo... I love so much how your house is coming together. LOVE the splashes of color. They add so much personality, fun, and life to a home. Well done!


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