Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Don't Be Alarmed

Do you want to know about something that tickles my fancy? That's quite an awkward question to throw out so early on a Tuesday, I know. But I have to get it off my chest that I absolutely love designing stuff in my photo-editing software program, which is very similar to Photoshop. I got it for my birthday two years ago from my nice Hubby, who happens to know I get a little too excited about things like this. And I would much rather pay $35 for something than $600. ACDSee allows me to do all sorts of fun things! I use it to upload and edit all of the photos I take with my lil' Canon. And I also use it to make all sorts of fun things.

Like this.

The phone conversation with my sister went as follows:

T'liese: "So, I've been asked to design the invitation for an upcoming church event. Oh, and it needs to be done by tomorrow."
Micah: "Oooooo. Do you have any ideas?"
T'liese: "No, but I was just wondering if you could help me make columns or something in Word."
{I shuddered}
Micah: "Um...OK. Well, just click at top on the button that says..."
T'liese: "How do I turn my computer on again?"
Micah: "What if I just design something for you?"
T'liese: "I was hoping you would say that!"

Sometimes I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. But don't worry. I wasn't tricked. I LOVE DESIGNING STUFF!

This is what we came up with. After it was printed and cut (about 3 inches by 3 inches), it was placed on top of a Cricut-cut present that another gal had made. I think it ended up pretty dern cute. And it just reinforced how much I truly love designing stuff like this. I'm learning how to do more every day and really love seeing the end result.

What about you? Any fun hobbies that really light up your day?


  1. cooking in my pressure cooker. I am doing a class for my RS next month so i've been trying lots of new things and it's so much fun!

  2. I LOOOOOVVVVEEE graphic design and photo editing! Darn - the photo isn't coming up for me, but I believe it's nothing less than Micah perfection.

  3. I think you and I are even more alike than I thought! Home-improvement and decor, gardening, and now graphic design. Maybe it all sums up to one thing- not afraid to try! It looks great!

    PS- adding a vinyl cutter in makes it even more fun!

    PSS- my word verification is sadiadmi. What kinda word is that?


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