Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Homemade Lamination At Its Finest

Apparently, the pots we purchased for herbs don't like sticky things on them. My homemade pot labels from a few weeks ago have slowly but surely fallen off, much to my disdain. Since I wanted to make some labels for items in our newly-planted garden, I thought I'd start fresh with everything and make new herb labels as well. Rather than making a trip to Office Max to get all of them laminated, I made my own water-proof version here at home.

I designed the labels in my ACDSee program, then printed them onto card stock using my lovely HP P1006 B&W Laser Printer. Once you go laser, you never go back. Then I used a paper cutter to make perfect little squares. Next, I cut out pieces of shipping tape for the front and back of the 1.25" label. After pressing hard and sealing all the edges, it was time to trim around all four sides to make a cute little box. The "laminated" label was now ready to be mounted to a skewer...which I still have left over from our wedding reception. Since they're sharp on one end, they are the perfect tool to tap into the ground to label each vegetable. Once I completed the steps for all labels, I headed outside to place them in the garden and pots.

As if I could forget where we planted things! Now we know exactly where everything lives in our beautiful garden boxes. Some of the plants are still recovering from transplant shock, and we are wondering if the homemade dirt is sufficient enough to get any yield this year. The healthy, huge plants are ones we purchased already big, so we can't take any credit for that! Hopefully, all of our little guys will start making the garden boxes their home soon and will grow once again. At least we'll have onions! Those little monkeys are growing like crazy!

What about you? Have you ever made something homemade and been more pleased with the results than with a store-bought option?

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  1. What a clever idea! They turned out amazing! You and John are becoming quite the gardeners!!! Hope your plants survive the transplant shock and start thriving again. for your question... About all I can think of right now is the homemade birthday cake I made for Luke's 1st birthday and photo birthday invitations I sent for his 2nd b-day that turned out much better to me than a store bought cake or plain invitations that you write on. I really haven't made a whole lot of homemade things though. I have had this desire to actually start creating things through sewing. :o) I don't know much about it and am excited for whenever I start.


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