Thursday, April 14, 2011

Something Beautiful For Bums

Our new living room chairs finally appeared yesterday. I got the call at around 3:30 PM yesterday afternoon that they had arrived at the Cortate Furniture warehouse. Now that they were in town and so close, I couldn't wait a few more days to get them home! So John made some calls and procured one of the family trucks in town (thanks, Aunt Ann and Uncle Bill!). Soon we were on our way, in rush hour traffic, to pick up the new beauties.

It never fails that receiving new furniture always gives me butterflies. I ordered these two armchairs over four weeks ago, and (really have) been patiently awaiting their arrival. Because they were all boxed up, and a dirty drive home was still ahead of us, I didn't get to actually see them until we arrived at our house. Luckily, our front door was too small to fit the gigantic boxes, so we had to open them on our porch to take them inside. Oh, that first glance at new furniture!

It's always a risk buying big pieces that we've never sat upon or even seen in person. And selecting a color from a 3x5" swatch can always be an alarming process. But you know what? They are perfect. It's exactly what I had in mind to complete the living room furniture. I love how happy and colorful these things are. It's the very first thing you see when you come into our home, and it's so dang happy! I am also tickled with the size and shape. We went with something a little more curvy and traditional than our sofas to balance out my apparent love for clean lines. I like how they are a soft blue...much more muted than I was expecting. But muted is good. I don't know a single soul who enjoys burned retinas when entering a household for the first time.

So they are here to stay. And I keep walking into that room, just to drool over them. They really complete the package. Oh, sure, I still have some shopping to do for this room. But the big stuff is in and I am in love with it!

What should I buy next to invite those butterflies once again?


  1. They are absolutely GORGEOUS! I love the color and they look perfect in your living room. What a beautiful home you are making!

  2. Looks so nice Micah! Love the soothing blue and everything is looking great in that room.

  3. Your front room looks awesome! I love it!

  4. Micah,these are BEAUTIFUL!! I am so happy for you. Your little house is lovely and proof of your unfailing sense of decorating style! xoxo

  5. Wow, so fancy! Looks nice.

  6. Micah, I miss you!!! I am waaaaay overdue for a comment. Can I just say that I absolutely LOVE your taste and style of decorating?! Seriously!
    You could easily be paid to be an interior decorator. Maybe that's an idea for the future for extra income on the side someday. I know that I would LOVE to hire someone with your skills and taste whenever we have a home someday. It has been so amazing to see all the changes/additions to your home. It is so beautiful, peaceful, and cozy! :o) Hope you and John are doing well. Have a fabulous Friday! Love you!


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