Monday, April 18, 2011

A New Development

I've been a little busy. Several projects going on at the same time over the past month has led to some fun time-management skills returning from the days when I worked four jobs. I don't miss that time in my life...but it IS weird only having one form of occupation to pay the bills, I must say.

One project that I've been working on for over a month is designing a website for some good friends. It doesn't normally take me that long, but I had to find the best way to display tons of information. These folks have a furniture store and have become some of our favorite neighbors. After ordering my couches from them a few months ago, it donned on me that I could make something online that was much better for their customer utilization. They, of course, fell for my evil plan and were just as excited as me to bring their website into the modern age.

And it's finally finished! Welcome to Cortate Furniture!

It has certainly been a work in progress, but it's amazing to compare their old website to this new one. The information is much easier to find and is slightly more aesthetically-pleasing. It's been fun to improve their site. I only hope it brings in even more business for their thriving company. They are such neat people and certainly deserve it.

Check it out and fill me in. I am open to constructive criticism or changes that could still be made!


  1. Their website looks fantastic! I hope they gave you a great discount on the chairs you just bought---

  2. Wow, Micah! VERY impressive!!! The new website is 100x better than their old one!!!!! Well done! It's DEFINITELY more aesthetically pleasing and SOOOOO much easier to find out more info! The only suggestion I have is I think it would be AWESOME to add a stretch of thumbnail images in a row on the home page of individual furniture pieces from their store , maybe below the "home," "about," etc. links. -So there is even MORE of a..."I gotta go check this place out!" sort of feeling. I just think it would add so much to have images of their furniture to give an even better feel for the beautiful quality furniture they carry or can order.

    -Oh, and some ideas on helping their business to grow… If they create a Facebook and Twitter account for their store, you could add at the bottom of the home page "find us on Facebook and Twitter" to help spread the word even more. They could offer occasional, additional discounts to get more interest and clients. –Maybe even occasional Give Aways or earning a Store Credit where there are requirements to enter by doing specific things to help spread the word. The more things they do, the more entries they have to increase their chances to win sort of thing. It seems like every business website has a Facebook and Twitter link on them now.

    Those are just some ideas… -But the whole website truly looks AMAZING! You are so talented!!!

    P.S. I can’t believe there is a time that you were working 4 jobs at once! Crazy! How did you do that and survive?! :o)


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