Thursday, May 12, 2011

Halifax to Hamilton

Golly, work is fun.

We left Halifax yesterday and kissed the pouring rain goodbye forever! What a wet mess. I always watch them fuel the airplane, too, so I got soaked for that twenty minutes. They finished just in time for my passengers to arrive. I loaded bags in the rain, loaded the passengers, and we were on our way to sunnier skies!

It was a two-hour flight to Hamilton, which is just south of Toronto, and we were back on Eastern time. After getting the passengers' bags loaded in the car and sending them on their way, I helped button up the airplane for its two-day wait on the ramp at Jetport. Then we hopped in our awaiting Soccer Mom minivan to Hamilton. After a delicious lunch at an Indian buffet, we stopped at Walmart so I could get some of my favorite candy in the world...Reese's Bites. They don't sell them in the States any more, and I must say it's a highlight of my northern trips. I'm always worried I'm going to arrive to them not being available any more, but they have new packaging now...that's promising. Maybe it means they aren't just emptying the Hershey vaults into Canada but actually still making them, too! Oh, happy day! These things are addictive, but I only get them when I'm in Canada. So I'm relatively safe.

I walked to a restaurant for dinner last night, then came home to watch the Oklahoma City - Memphis NBA basketball game on television. I really hope OKC goes all the way for how hard they've worked and how far they've come in the past few years!

I have today off. It's not warm enough to really do much outside, but I plan to walk around and explore some Canadian stores. Their malls are so...interesting. And it always makes for some great people-watching! Maybe grab a donut and hot chocolate at Tim Horton's for a late breakfast? Hamilton is always one of my favorite stops!

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