Sunday, June 19, 2011

Handy Hubby Strikes Again!

While we were visiting in Utah, my computer geek Hubby was put to work installing all sorts of technical gadgets for my parents! He made their printer wireless and reloaded some Nintendo games to the family computer that had "mysteriously disappeared." Since the nerdy stuff only took a few hours, my parents had a back-up plan ready for him in case he zoomed through it all with ease (which he

Hubby flexed his handyman muscles by installing shelves in the garage to store camping gear, used tattoo guns, small refrigerators, archaeological dig finds, fishing poles, a tent the size of Rhode Island, and cat Man Caves (don't ask). This will free up some shelving room inside the storage room inside the garage (I can draw a picture if you're already lost like me!) for the ever-important food storage which is currently living in the basement of their home. Mom is so excited to get her family room back to normal, and Hubby was happy to oblige.

Besides, it meant he got to play with power tools, measuring tapes, hammers, levels, and shaky ladders all day instead of fraternizing with the still-spray-painting / constantly-gabbing women in the back yard.

With such gorgeous weather, Hubby was able to work through the day and finished by the time my step-dad, Merrill, came home from work! Isn't he handy?! Only my husband can make shelf-building look that good.

We narrowly dodged the bullet unfortunately missed out on helping them move the 14,938 five-gallon buckets from the basement to the shelves, but I've heard that Hubby's hard work is in use just a few weeks later.

The only problem for Hubby? Now I want some shelves in our garage, too! It might be his own stinkin' fault for making this project look so stinkin' easy. I can't be blamed for this particular whip cracking.

At least I'll wait until it doesn't feel like an oven in the garage before forcing him to complete kindly encouraging that he begin such a fun task. It was fun, Hubby, right?

Right? Hubby? Am I right?

(For those concerned, this is a hypothetical question since Hubby wouldn't be caught dead reading my blog. Says he, "Why should I read it when I live it?" If he only knew my secret-agent skill of embellishment!)

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  1. Don't those shelves look good!! Thanks, John. And thanks, too, to you, Micah, for your week of hard work! I love you!


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