Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lighting Up the Living Room

I thought I'd take a little break from Utah today to show what I got done yesterday. My airplane is finished with maintenance (it's been over two weeks!), and now the anticipation of a call for work is yet again prevalent in my life!

The call never came yesterday, so I kept busy with lots of projects.

Like this lamp! I happened upon a Goodwill this past Saturday that was offering a 50%-off-everything promotion. I practically ran back to the lamp section and was able to find one with a neat shape. Seeing the old, awful, peach-and-brass combination made it difficult to imagine the piece transformed by spray paint. I'm glad it turned out so well in the end! For $3.99, though, it was certainly worth the risk.

The heavy and modern look was just what I wanted for that end of the room. It brightens up the dresser and seems to ground everything on top. I also like how big it is, and that my favorite drum shade from Walmart made it look ever better in the end.

With people over last night for games and snacks (hi, Ted and Ann!), it was definitely obvious that the opposite side of the room needs some additional lighting. I'll start keeping a more-attentive eye out for something to illuminate that space (yippppeeeee! A new goal!). I love having glowing lamps as opposed to the severe overhead lighting housed in our ceiling fan.

What fun things did you get accomplished yesterday?

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