Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day 2011

Ah, the blessed celebration of the founding of this wonderful country! In case it has gone unnoticed previously, I'm rather a fan of the men who founded this wonderful country. Particularly one with white hair who ran things first. I always look forward to the day that we can BBQ, shoot of fireworks like pyro-maniacs, and spend time with loved ones in celebration of our freedom.

Hubby and I awakened to a flag in our front yard. Every holiday that deserves it, the Boy Scouts of America place a flag out front to honor the people of those holidays. Sometimes I wake up and think, "I didn't even know today was a holiday!" It's nice to support the Scouts while being reminded of special days in our nation's history.

That afternoon, we traveled south to Gilbert for a BBQ and swimming party at my sister's house. Other friends, Russ and Jen, were also invited, and they decided to bring their 14 month-old Owen along. What a cute kid. He and Evan had a blast playing together all night long.

After swimming for an hour, our stomachs began to growl when a neighbor's grill was fired up. We climbed out of the pool, and Joe donned his Pig Apron to become Master in Charge of the Grill. Soon we had burgers and hot dogs ready to go with broccoli salad and potato salad. To wash it all down, we enjoyed some blood orange soda from Costco...Joe's favorite! Everything tasted so yummy! What is it about food that has been cooked outside on an open flame?

We then headed outside to admire Russ and Jen's new Honda Pilot and to allow Evan to see some sparklers before heading to bed. As with most things, he showed no facial emotion! We all think he was enjoying it, though. After he fell asleep and we all enjoyed some ice cream, we trooped back outside to enjoy the 100-degree temperature and some more fireworks. Joe went all out and, with Hubby's help lighting things, provided quite a show! It was fun to see each different fountain firework displaying such beautiful colors. And some of them even whistled.

We all called it a night around 9:20 PM and headed home. It was such a fun way to celebrate our nation's freedom! I'm so grateful to live in this country!


  1. So I thought fireworks were illegal in AZ??? What a way to celebrate our freedoms by breaking the law... ha ha The pictures were great. and it sounds like you had a great time. I did the BBQing for our dinner. I need an awesome apron like your bro inlaw. See ya soon!

  2. I love your fireworks pictures! So cool! Oh and Evan is also cute--so serious. Love him!

  3. What a fun-filled day! I love the 4th of July! Yes, we have so much to be grateful for. Our founding fathers were/are AMAZING!!!


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