Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tackling the Guest Bedroom

It's time to bring the least-used room in the house up to date! We have family coming all the way from Arkansas in a few weeks to stay at our house, swim in our swamp pool, and eat our food. I can't wait! Since I've been working non-stop on rooms in the house that get lots of use, I've put the guest bedroom on the back burner. Many projects elsewhere have since been finished and enjoyed, and with some approaching guests just around the corner, I thought it was time to make some small updates to the guest room.

This room has been tricky for me. It will be the room to eventually transform into a nursery, so I didn't want to make any permanent changes that would later need to be redone. But hanging a little artwork and adding some new lamps? Those are things that will find places in any room! It's fun to have a blank slate with which to work.

I found the mirror at TJ Maxx last week and thought about it all weekend. I decided to check Monday morning to see if it had been snagged by someone else. With the angel's chorus and the halo beaming around it on the shelf, I knew it was still there so that I could bring it home and make it mine all mine. I measured twice, pounded a few holes into the wall to get it right, and then stood back to admire the new sunburst that added so much to the room.

Some lamps were purchased last night from Target with my intentions to spray-paint them a cheery yellow. When I got them home and placed them on the nightstands, I realized that the scale was all wrong. I can get away with bigger lamps here, and I intend to do just that!  So back to Target they go today, and I will continue to search at Goodwill for the perfect pair of lamps that are ready for a spray-painting makeover. Go big or go home. I've only said that a few times in my life, but it certainly applies here.

The goal is to paint the nightstands from antique mint green with gold handles to something a little closer to our style. We bought them at a rich lady's estate sale for $10 a piece, and I've been a little hesitant to paint them in case they actually are valuable. I wish I knew when I was home so I could tackle a two-day project such as painting some furniture! I am thinking they would look great white. And then the bright yellow lamps on top to add a pop of color. Ideas?

I am also hoping to add some more accessories to the dresser to make the room even more inviting. I want my guests to feel special and that the room was created just for them! That's pretty close to the truth, anyway! It's been fun so far!

Any suggestions for the room before I go crazy with decorating?

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  1. Wow, your guest room looks so beautiful, cozy, and inviting!!! I just LOVE the bedding! I don't remember if you mentioned it in another post or not... Where did you buy it?

    So, I am FAR from an expert in colors and interior design, but I was thinking painting the nightstands a dark gray would look awesome! That way it could still have contrast from the warm yellow lamps, AND have more contrast from the bedding than white might, but still connect to the bedding because of the gray in it. Does that make sense? -Or maybe a dark brown to match that awesome mirror. -But whatever you decide, I know it will turn out AMAZING! You have excellent taste!!


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