Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Record-Tying Week, Day Three

Day Three began early, though it could have been avoided. Big Boss said we would be wheels-up by 9:00 AM, so I dragged myself out of bed in Edmonton to be ready for the day (I had finally gotten into bed at 1:00 AM, and that alarm went off way too soon for my taste). He showed up around noon. You can check my Micah Math, but that sounds like three more hours that I could have been asleep! Or could have gotten something to eat! Both sleeping and eating are things overrated on the road!

When they finally did arrive, we left Edmonton Downtown Airport and headed further east to a place I hadn't visited before. Regina is in Saskatchewan and is simply gorgeous with lots of farmland (they grow wheat and canola oil!), and beautiful blue skies above to compliment the green fields below. The people were friendly and quick to fill the airplane, which let us walk next door to the airline terminal to grab lunch in the cafeteria. I was so hungry that I didn't care where we ate! I managed a spinach salad and some unripened honeydew. As we were walking back to the ready-to-go airplane, the passengers showed up for our next flight. Perfect timing! And my stomach wasn't growling any more!

From Regina we flew even further east to Winnipeg. I highly prefer Winnipeg visits in the summer rather than the winter. It's so close to where I went to school, so being in Winnipeg has lots of great memories for me. We waited for about three hours for the passengers to return. I utilized my time by arranging Customs in the good ol' US of A for later that evening.

Our last leg of the day was to Grand Forks, North Dakota. Which is where I finished my Bachelor's Degree. Which deserves a post all its own. Without going into too much detail, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning when I heard we were finishing our day in Grand Forks.

Don't ask about my killer social life resulting in such information making my day!

Edmonton - Regina - Winnipeg - Grand Forks

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