Tuesday, August 30, 2011

And The Beat Goes On

No, the pantry isn't finished yet. And yes, we are still working on it. 

Why do you ask?

Just like with any project that drags on for a few weeks, I am very anxious for this one to be over!

The good news is that Shelving Guy is coming tomorrow to install everything!

The bad news is that I painted the walls today and realized that a second coat is necessary. I painted over the new drywall and behind the old cabinet that we tore out. Its new home is in the alleyway to the side of the house and will be Hubby's new outdoor work bench. He wanted to keep it on the patio, but I don't want another thing to clean! How does it get so dusty out there, anyway? 

It's not like we live in the desert or anything.

As for the second coat of paint, I may or may not accidentally be waiting until Hubby gets home from work in an hour so he can help me. It took an hour to paint just the little bit this morning! In my defense, it takes six hours before I can do a second coat on top of the first...and guess what time he happens to get home?

I have had an absolute blast putting things into nice, clean, airtight canisters to get ready to put the pantry back together. All things are well in the world when my Type-A tendencies can be put to such good use. This pantry is going to look so stinkin' nice in addition to offering a ton of storage! Eek! I can't wait until it's done!

The second coat of wall paint is going on tonight. Shelving tomorrow. Painting the shelves white will probably happen on Thursday. Poor Hubby will do that part alone, if I'm gone for work (which is supposed to be happening). Then maybe putting everything back together on Friday after I make an IKEA run for some shelf liners. I don't dare buy much at IKEA, which is Swedish for "crap," but I do love me some of their shelf liners!

Are you tired of pantry posts? I know I am. I just want this puppy done!

What projects have you undertaken this week? It's been tough to do much else here, since we've had record heat for the past six days. It will be nice when Fall arrives, and we get away from these triple-digit temperatures!

Which will happen just two short months from now...

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