Friday, September 2, 2011

Let There Be Shelves

I got home very late last night from an awesome week at work. And then I woke up at 5:30 AM to let two strange men into my house. Shelving time had finally arrived! I am tickled that I was home to see it all come together. What started as (beautifully-painted with two coats, ah-thank-you) blank walls this morning became my perfect pantry just two hours later! 

I am elated.

What's left to do: Hubby and I need to sand some of the edges of the shelves to prep them for paint. I bought a gallon of white semi-gloss for the shelves, but I am thinking I should have it tinted to match the walls instead. That is a LOT of taping if we go with white. Shelving Guy also recommended that we caulk all the creases, which will be an additional adhesive to help the nails hold everything together. I think after caulking every single line in that pantry, the last thing we will want to do it tape it all off for paint! 

Although, white would look great against the tan walls and grey shelf liners...

Maybe I will just go to work next week and let Hubby have all the taping fun! Am I a great wife or what?!

Shelving Guy and Son of Shelving Guy did an amazing job. Everything on this pantry has certainly been worth the wait. By Micah Math calculations, we have multiplied our pantry space by seven. Conveniently my lucky number?!

If you ever need a Shelving Guy, who also happens to be a Trim Guy, I can happily recommend this dynamic duo.

To IKEA today to get some shelf liners. It feels amazing to have the shelves up and ready to go! I am in love with the space and how neat everything looks in its final state. Is it weird that the laundry room might be my new favorite in the house?


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