Monday, September 19, 2011

Delightful Words: Snickers Cupcakes

Oh dang. These were so good. Good enough to eat one for breakfast this morning.

But I didn't. 

I waited until 11:30 AM, thank you very much.

We were invited last-minute to a neighbor's home for Sunday Dinner. She made a delicious cream soup with rustic bread. We warfed it down like we had never eaten soup before! Because she is good and kind, our neighbor let me bring far my favorite thing to make! When I got the invitation via text, I asked Hubby if he had any leftover Snickers from his Scout trip this past weekend. I don't know how it is possible with five boys in one truck, but there was an entire bag of Snickers left! I claimed them as my own and went to the kitchen to get to work.

Since I didn't have the resources to make cupcakes from a cake mix (all I had was Red Velvet...go figure), and I certainly didn't have the time to make anything from scratch, I decided to live a little and make cupcakes out of a brownie mix instead. I simply followed the directions for cake-like brownies, and they turned out perfectly. Fudgey yet cakey...a perfect combintion!

Then I made some homemade caramel and smothered the chopped Snickers. I drilled out a hole inside each baked cupcake after it was cool, and I filled the empty space with the caramel-Snickers mixture. Then I topped everything with caramel buttercream cream cheese frosting. Oh dang. A drizzle of more homemade caramel and some chopped Snickers finished these beauties. 

They taste as good as they look. Everyone liked them. And I got rid of most of them at dinner, so they aren't staring me in the face each time I walk into the kitchen. That could be a bad thing. I have tons of willpower if it isn't in sight!

Don't worry...they aren't 5K Killers. I am way too motivated for my training to let some chocolate stand in my way. One a day won't hurt me, right?

And yes...I know they say the same thing about crack.

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  1. Those look super delicious! You and your yummy treats ;) Hope things are going awesome for you guys!


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