Saturday, September 24, 2011

Somebody Is Getting Older

He's officially an old man. It's the longest six weeks of every year when I am older than my husband. Today, he finally joins me in the uppity-up ranks of the Old Geezer Club. What an honor for him, and a relief for me!

For those of you keeping track at home, I'm working today. I am several states away from Hubby on this, his very special day of the year. He could have come with me for this weekend of work. We would have considered it a free vacation, and he would have been giddy as a school girl in all the buffets here in Reno.

But, alas, someone had to go away on a Scouting Training Camp. They only hold this event twice a year, and Hubby needed to attend this particular one to continue in his Scouting position. Canceling the trip and running away with his wife to Nevada simply wasn't an option. Dang it.

We celebrated his birthday together by opening some presents Thursday night before I left for work. Hubby is a fan of all things fishing and had done some research to find the perfect fishing reel. He opened it as well as three gardening books. He doesn't get excited about many things, but the man I married is so excited to plant next year's garden. He somehow thinks that this year's failure was just a fluke, and that he can beat the odds (read: temperatures don't matter and we can grow a million jalapenos, thank you very much). So I found some highly-recommended books on gardening in extreme heat. I think they will only help us. Believe me...we can't do worse than last year! He said, "Oooo, goodie. Some winter reading." I don't know if that was sarcasm or not, but hopefully our garden next summer will tell!

Of all the places he was offered to eat, he simply wanted to bake a pizza at home. I suggested we add in root beer floats, since that is one of his favorite treats. An hour later, we were eating a Papa Murphy's and enjoying cold ice cream in cold root beer. Then we watched an episode of Wipeout and went to bed. Not a very exciting birthday celebration, but it's what he wanted. And I am always happy to oblige when ice cream is involved.

Luckily, he won't spend the rest of his birthday completely alone. His parents will be in town tonight and are taking him bowling and to dinner. I wish I could be there to help him celebrate, but I am stuck here wandering the city of Reno all alone and eating free food. Sniff sniff.

Happy Birthday, Hubby. I'm so glad you picked me.

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