Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Little Bit Of South

 Last week was an odd one for me. Usually, with Big Boss in the back of the airplane, we fly six, seven, even ten times a day. Long, hard days, starting very early in the morning and ending very early in the morning the next day. So last week, he only flew once or twice a day. It threw me off my game! I still waited for him all day at the airport, since he didn't tell us when we would be leaving. It's much better to be safe than sorry with this guy. I finished one book and started another on my Kindle Fire. I'm so glad I have books to keep me busy when I don't know where or when we're headed next!

We left Sunday night for Austin, Texas. I hate working on Sunday, but especially when it is the most anticipated day of the year...the Annual Family Christmas Snack Table. I got called just a few hours into the shindig, and I must say I was just a little disappointed that I was going to miss the festivities with my family. I called Big Boss to see if we could bump it back to the next morning. He couldn't since an early meeting was scheduled, but he let me bump our departure back an hour so I could stay a little longer at the party. I was still pretty bummed.

We arrived in Austin around 11:30 PM local time. Luckily, the hotel was close. I was beat! 

The next day, after grabbing a quick bite at a Mexican restaurant, we waited at airplane alllllllll day until Big Boss finally announced that he was ten minutes away. And that we were headed to New Orleans.

I haven't been to New Orleans since my Hubby and I left for our honeymoon cruise from its port. How fun to come back! It was more fun with Hubby sitting next to me...three years ago!

After a lunch at a seafood place (I had a Caesar salad while my partner-in-crime at an entire Swamp Platter), we waited again all day to find out when and where we would be heading next. When we finally heard, it wasn't good news. Since the weather was terrible in Houston, and the instrument landing system was broken and prevented us from getting low enough below the clouds to land, that evening meant a detour to Shreveport, Louisiana instead. The weather was nice enough to let us find the runway. Luckily, we didn't get yelled at. I hate being held responsible for the weather! Also, luckily for us, Cracker Barrel was still open and fed us dinner. I love eating breakfast for dinner!

We left for Sugarland, Texas just outside of Houston the next day around 1:00 PM. He said we might stay the night here or leave that evening. So again, a day of camping out by the airplane to hear what was in store for us. While we waited, we ate some delicious BBQ just a mile away from the FBO. I love trying a variety of foods on the road each week, and BBQ is one of my favorites! Then I almost finished my second book while we waited on Big Boss.

He called that night to say he wanted to fly to San Antonio. I scrambled to find hotels this late, and went through five hotels before finally being able to find us some rooms.

On Thursday, we decided to try Beto's Mexican Restaurant in San Antonio (Tig, try it out...it is delicious!). It was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives with Guy Fieri, so we figured we couldn't go wrong. It was so good, and I don't even like empanadas all that much!

We were surprised to get a call shortly after we ordered our food. We were leaving in forty minutes...heading back to Phoenix! It's very rare to land here in daylight hours with Big Boss on board. What a treat.

The whole flight back, I had a dear friend on the radios the entire flight and didn't even know it. Shari, let's fly like that again some time! And I promise not to take SJN next time!

I'm just hoping the call for work never comes this week so I can prepare for Christmas. This is certainly my favorite time of year!

Phoenix - Austin - New Orleans - Shreveport - Sugarland - San Antonio - Phoenix


  1. Beto's huh? Please tell me it isn't the same chain of Beto's that is in Utah. (I am assuming it isn't) ha ha!
    Next time we are looking for a new place to eat, I will totally suggest Beto's. Thanks for the tip! You rock!

  2. You get to do some of the things I love, or would love, to do. Fly planes and take photos (while doing it).
    I do photography and makes my flying is one of my dreams. To be able to both at the same time just makes my mind spin. I would also love to take time lapse video from a plane at night... that would be sweet!

    I do have some photos of P-51 Mustangs in flight. That was a giddy day for me. :)



  3. I'll be listening for you!


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