Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kitchen Karma

Sometimes, good things happen to people with kitchen tool obsessions. Such was the case today when I casually went to Fry's Grocery Store to get some grub for dinner. Hey, it just feels nice to be out of the house after being in bed since last Thursday!

I walked around the entire store. My particular grocery store happens to have a home section as well, and I wandered through their new garden department to admire this year's hottest buys. I walked past many-a-thing that could have made a wonderful difference in our new home, mind you. I do have some semblance of self-control, though it rarely manifests itself when most needed. Just so you know.

Cheese. Great! Milk. Done! Special K cereal on sale. My favorite! My cart filled up with wonderful things for low prices that we use all the time. As I was wheeling around the corner on my way to the produce section, I halted. 

Where did that come from? And how did it get in my cart?

I walked back to housewares and discovered a sale on Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Ovens. What was once $80 was now down to $39. And they just so happened to have it in my favorite color. Now it was starting to make sense how that box had mysteriously ended up in my deal-wheeling cart. I didn't fight it. Sometimes things like this just happen, and you have to roll with it. Life isn't perfect, you know?

When the Sale Fairies speak, I listen. Sometimes.

At the cash register, I paid separately for the new, shiny, blue, perfectly-sized Dutch Oven. Since returning my Kindle Fire, I have a whole lotta cash back with which to play. I didn't want to return the Fire...but a few days after I bought it for free I found out that I was getting an iPad for work. It didn't make sense to keep them back went the one that was from my money. This Dutch Oven can simply come out of that change, without a cent missing from our normal, tight monthly budget. We have financial goals, after all, and I simply can't let pretty pieces of kitchen toolery get me off track.

So it was "paid for" with free money and practically hopped into my car for the ride home. Should I seat-belt this guy in? Of course not, Micah. Besides, he isn't old/big enough to sit up front with you, anyway.

When I got home, I patiently put the groceries away first before opening my new treat. The color on the box is slightly different from the actual color, but I still love it. I was expecting a navy/teal blue, when the pot I opened is more of a navy/periwinkle blue. 

We're naming it Perry.

And by "we," I mean that Hubby is eventually going to notice that I bought this. I wish I could say that my sweet savvy shopping skills astound him, but it hasn't impressed him yet. Luckily, it was free money. He will hesitantly sigh jump on board once I remind him how much I use my Red Dutch Oven and love it to pieces. And after I remind him how I constantly silently wished for a slightly smaller version for other dishes. Viola! Silent wish fulfilled!

Yes, a Red Dutch Oven! Yes, I already own a Dutch Oven! It's kitchen karma...remember! I am just dealing with a wonderful situation the best I know how. I have had this red bad guy for a few years and use it all the time. And look how patriotic my pantry now looks with red and blue Dutch Ovens against white shelves? Who can complain too loudly about that?

It was probably the best decision I made all day.


  1. Awww, a new baby for your! Really, I LOVE the color! And I use mine all the time. I have a red one, too. Congratulations, sis! xo

  2. A woman after my own heart! I am in love with dutch ovens and don't own one :( ...but I have a special place I go on my lunch hour to visit them and other fun kitchen gadgets when I am feeling down. VF factory outlet mall on baseline and power Rd. "The Kitchen Collection" store is wonderful. Its where I visited my mortar and pestle for 6 months before I took it home with me one day. A definite must see store for the kitchen gadget fanatic in us all!


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