Saturday, January 14, 2012

Suns Date Night

We got a really cool Christmas present from Hubby's sister this to two Suns games! Hubby almost squealed in delight. Almost.

One of the games let us choose which night to attend. Since I was home this week, thanks to some ongoing airplane maintenance, we went to the game on Thursday night against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Hoping for a win...but also knowing that just might not happen at all this season.

We left for downtown Phoenix early in the day so we could get our tickets from the box office before it closed. Then we headed a little north to Macayos for a delicious dinner for two. Man, I love chips and salsa. I ordered Chipotle BBQ Pork Tacos, which were absolutely insane. I even let Hubby taste a bite, and he agreed that my dinner was better than his two burritos and rice. It can sometimes be a burden to have such good taste.

To beat the crowds and get an even cheaper rate in parking, we headed back to US Airways stadium for the game. We were about an hour before game time, but the nice usher lady let us know about watching them warm up court-side. So we walked down there and sat right next to the players as they shot around. When it was time to return to our seats, we warmly thanks the usher lady for the suggestion!

About five minutes into the first quarter, the same nice usher lady walked up to our seats and told us to grab our things and come with her. Everyone around us starting chanting "Upgrade, upgrade!" She gave us tickets to the lower bowl! I was so excited! I tell you...being nice to people can get you anything in life!

This one is for you, Lunch Ladies of my Elementary School! You were always so nice to me when I said thanks to you!

So, suffice it to say, the game was slightly better in the second half. We could actually make out faces of players! It was incredible. And yes...we lost. But it was fun to see the action in person. This was only my second Suns game at the US Airways Center.

It was a fun Date Night, and relatively free for us. Thanks, Jolene and Ji!

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  1. Hooray for being nice! You deserve it.


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