Monday, February 20, 2012

Guacamole Goodness


We’ve been eating an abnormal amount of avocados around here. It isn’t my fault that they are six for a dollar at the local grocery store. We bought twelve of them a few weeks ago and made a delicious bowl of guacamole.

And just the next day, it was all gone. Is that normal?

It didn’t help that they were once again on sale this past week. Hubby came home from work with a grocery bag full of these green little goodies. And I got to work making the best guacamole I’ve ever had…since last week.

The starting recipe came from Two Peas and Their Pod. We had to try it out, though it was touted as a Super Bowl treat. Even though we aren’t huger Super Bowlers in this household, we do try to celebrate the occasion with good food.

I have some of this guacamole in the fridge right now. It’s healthy, fresh, and oh-so-good. If avocados are on sale in your neck of the woods, give this a try.

Because I’m certainly not sharing.

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  1. I love guacamole! I would totally rather have that than any Easter candy!


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