Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekly Work, Day Two


After some pizza and supposedly a nice, long night with plenty of sleep, it was time to gather at the airplane once again. Wednesday morning already?!

IMG_2725  IMG_2721

Today was a little more mild. People to see, places to visit. But not six cities.


Landing at Midway is always fun. With Boss #2, I usually have an entire day here to enjoy the city. I have been to the top of the Sears Tower. I want to do the city river tour next time I’m there for long enough to leave the airport.


We left Chicago/Midway Airport around 9:30 AM and were on our way to Port Columbus, Ohio. This is the home of The Ohio State University, not that they’d let you forget it! Yes, they really say it like that. Isn’t that silly?!

IMG_2735   IMG_2739 IMG_2737

Lane Aviation is simply the best. They have cute little old men at the door working as greeters upon arrival. They shake your hand and find out your name and then call you by it until you leave. It really made me feel special to have so much attention from their wonderful staff.


Of course, I won’t complain about homemade cookies fresh out of the oven, either.


Soon it was time to leave Columbus behind. Our next stop was Pittsburgh, Allegheny County Airport. Big Boss #3 lives here, so we stopped to pick him up for a day of work.


They spent a few hours in the city, so David and I grabbed a quick dinner just a short drive away. Chili’s was nothing to write home about, but I had their little bites hamburgers. Tiny burgers on tiny buns? I’m in! And they were actually pretty delicious!

IMG_2745  IMG_2748

That evening, we flew a short hop to Allentown, Pennsylvania for the night. I have never been here before but scored a Sheraton Four Points hotel room for $59. I tell you, being nice on the phone can get you anything in life!

It was a nice price after paying almost $180 the night before in Chicago. How they can charge so much for a bed and small containers of shampoo is beyond me.


Chicago/Midway – Port Columbus, Ohio – Pittsburgh/Allegheny County – Allentown

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